The BAR One of One Pieces

These custom designed pieces contain authenticated autographs and memorabilia!

“The first amendment allows us to create history while memorializing some of the greatest Humans to walk the face of the earth. It’s been our dream to pay tribute to those who have helped shape history, make the world a better place, put their mark on the past and celebrate them for years to come through The BAR one of one pieces.

We are grateful to be able to set The BAR in this space for years to come.”

Scott Allen & Adam Joosten
of Super Break®

About The BAR

Learn more about The BAR one of one pieces created exclusively for Super Break products

“The Bar” one of one pieces, considered by some as the nicest collectible Art pieces to date, started in 2013 with the concept of creating an Art piece or Information card that has everything a collector could want.  Concentrating on only the greatest Humans of all time, the checklist is one of the finest know to date produced by any company.

“The next one’s the best one” is our motto at Super Break and The BAR.

We hope you enjoy, welcome your feedback, and have some unreal pieces in store for our community this year.


Combining value, art, certification, precious metals/gems and transparency, “The BAR” features:

  • Quality signatures that are single, double and triple certified
  • Each art piece is a one of one (1/1) original
  • Presidential Public portrait images are used on Our famous historic Leaders
  • Each art piece is hand crafted by some of the greatest Artists in our generation
  • Each piece goes through a series of checks and balances culminating with JSA Certification and Beckett Grading/encapsulation
  • Single, dual, triple, quad and multi-subject pieces are created one at a time with themes, some of which have never been created in this space


Sports fans are not the only ones attracted to these pieces as collectors from many different areas around the globe are now interested in true one of one history via “The Bar” one of one pieces.